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Free Rein


I let go the leather

Difficult at first to release the grip

Its rich aroma, the feel of the stable

A thick, second skin to shed


My horse, confused at first

After a life pulled and yanked

By the burnished bit

Quickly saw beyond

The sheen of control


Past the rolling hills

Dappled in shade

Rife with oak

Her nose twitches

Caught the scent

Of warming dew


Thunder hooves alight

Climbs, weaves through woods

Muscles strain, flanks glisten

To the crest, the meadow below

Alive with wildflowers


She took me

Without my guidance

To graze, hear

The buzz of pollination

The full fragrance

Of early summer morn

When all is possible       

Silent Symphony



before bed

i watch live performances

of master musicians

with the volume low

do you?


Watch how they move

in the air colored with sound

move to a rhythm

i can barely hear


Real musicians

that feel what they play

riding that wave

when every note is right


Their bodies cannot help it

striking notes within

prisms in their lungs vibrate

guide them to blissful being



that’s how i feel

while listening to you

Goddess Save Us


She parachutes from Venus

Flings meteors with constellation hands

Flames through stratosphere

String theory stardust hair


Blue planet braces

For a cold shower after a drunk

Every life nerve tingles

Reliving birth


The prophets will praise her

While politicians condemn

The poets will love her

While zealots bark dogma


And all that are asleep

Will not see her fire eyes

Will wake in the morning

To ash and ruin

A new age begun



He barks by the back wall

Sits at attention when the neighbor comes

She is blue haired, wire rimmed glasses

Bent and thin housing more wrinkles than life


One by one

She feeds him nibbles

Halting briefly in reprimand

When he is too eager

Saliva on her hands

She does not mind


Treats gone

She holds empty palms

To eternal morning sky

Shakes her head in apology


He bounces

Big red paws on the wall

Wags tail furiously as she

Rubs his head, gets behind the ears


She steps away

Waves goodbye

As he resumes his day

Digging holes

Rolling in dirt


He could not ask for more

Hunger satisfied

By nibbles and conversation



When drowning rays sink purple

Wraps like a mother’s embrace

Lilac perfume sweeps in

Like ocean waves touched by feet


Silver bells of an ice cream truck

Children chase down the block

Will ring with confectionary promise

Dispel the heat of summers gone


Specific events lightning flicker

Cascade to the void

The scarring staple from a box

The beloved pet, a favorite aunt

Gun powder bites the tongue

Misfire words of regret


The shy discard of clothes

For the interstellar journey

To a first lover’s soul

Dirty laundry spins

Hung out to dry

Let the wind make light


Deadbolt undone

Iron door swung open

Let all definition fly

Let the ones who stayed

Decide your worth

Overcooked Spaghetti Timeline


I learned today

Brautigan began writing

Trout Fishing in America

September 16, 1960

The 150th anniversary

of Mexico’s independence


This nugget simmered the juices

in the pot of my brain

Bringing to surface

September 16

Also being the day we met

shortly after America’s bicentennial


The state I live now

sticks onto Mexico and California

I sucked the noodle highways

that wound to Big Sur

past federales in body armor

outside turreted machine gun vehicles

before the white sands of Puerto Peñasco


Our twisted strand was long ago

You got me to like vodka and grapefruit

Our stiff semolina minds

thought it was a grown up drink

at the Chinese restaurant

where they didn’t card


Now I am old

Brautigan long dead

California shores six hours

through a boring, flat desert

Mexico shrimp

Four hours away

You, forty six years away


I will mix a margarita

Have chicken with nonstick rice

avoid the stick and tangle of spaghetti

and memories

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